Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Mother's Day For The Rest of Your Life

We've been looking for a car, but we weren't feeling pressured to buy one immediately. We knew we'd need to get something by August or so. We've been test driving, educating ourselves, and mulling over the pluses and minuses of a number of models. We'll the day finally came that we found what we were looking for, a 2008 Toyota RAV4. We're pleased with our purchase. I'm happy not to be driving our little red truck. Hugh's going to take it to work now. His car was totaled in March. Thankfully no one was hurt and Hugh wasn't driving.
Our New (Used) Car
Hugh and I don't give gifts to each other very often, but when we do get something that's a little over the top we say, "Merry Christmas or Happy Anniversary, etc. for the rest of your life." Anyway, with our purchase coming the day before Mother's Day, of course we're saying:
"Happy Mother's Day for the rest of your life!"


  1. Nice ride...hope it lasts you "the rest of your life."

  2. I chuckled out loud when I read the last paragraph. Thanks for the laugh.

    I hear the RAV4 has a great review and their buyers are loyal. You look good in it. :)