Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching Up!

Becky's Birthday last February
Becky looks a little peaked here.  It was soon after her birthday we found out she was anemic.  She's been through a lot, but doing better on iron therapy.  She's got some pink in her cheeks now.

Janna, Cassie, and Becky
Out-on-the-town for Janna's 18th B-day.
A belated, but fun party in April.
Us Blair girls and the Burgess girls
all rendezvoused for an Italiano meal.

New Awards
Sam's first Court of Honor as an 11-year old Scout

Dexter, getting too big too fast.  He's scooting around.

Ammon's 3rd B-day in April

Janna's friends at school decided to pull together their own prom.
I was impressed with their ingenuity.  Janna had a great time.

Janna and Alex off to spend the evening
with friends at the Indie Prom.
(Indie evidently means, Independent.)

Sierra Ward Laurels ready to head out to Mormon Prom

Janna and Mistie at the Mormon Prom

Joseph graduating from Jane Reynolds Park Preschool.
He's a big kindergartener next school year.

Here's some real scary!
Me before "The Ten Virgin" production in March.
I was a greeter.

"Time is what prevents everything
from happening at once."
John Archibald Wheeler


  1. Cassie's baby is so cute and Becky does look like she's feeling better.

  2. I love that picture of the three girls, they're so beautiful! And, your "scary ten virgins picture, pure awesome. I love that smile you do with your eyes, it's so warming and familiar to me. PS. The other day Bridgey (age 3) told me I "should go put make-up on so you don't look so scary, mom.) I guess it really is all down hill after you turn 30!