Friday, May 7, 2010

Janet Is On Her Way TODAY!

Janet or I should say, "Sister Reynders", and I don't mean her sister, Sister Reynders. Is this getting confusing? Anyway, my niece, left for her summer mission in Nauvoo this morning. I'm so excited for her. She will be one of 20 young performing missionaries serving in Nauvoo, Illinois. I wish I could be there to see her, but I won't. DARN! But I do get to play one tiny part in her experience. She asked me to assist with her blog which will help keep family and friends updated on her missionary experience. You know me, I'm all about missionary work no matter what shape or form it comes in - preaching, teaching, dancing, singing, blogging, testifying. I'm all about it! Keep updated with Sister Reynders at We've titled it Summertime in Nauvoo. Look for letters, pictures, and videos.

The Nauvoo Temple
The gem of the city. Once lost is now rebuilt.
Just one of the many sights to see in Nauvoo.

The architectural magnificence of the Nauvoo Temple is not the most important thing to remember. The significance of this temple rests in the impact it had in the lives of those Saints who lived and labored in Nauvoo to finish a temple unto the Lord that he had commanded them to build.

It was this great sense of vision and desire to live eternally with beloved family members, this hope for the future and a glorious day of resurrection, that provided inspiration and motivation for Joseph, Hyrum and the others who gave their all in the midst of great affliction to build this temple. How grateful I am for their faithfulness and their example. By studying their lives and following the patterns of living they established, we will not only walk in the way they walked, but we will also walk in the way Jesus walked.


  1. Love this picture of the temple. I'm excited for Janet. Mom would be so excited for her too. Ironic that she is leaving on Mother's Day weekend. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Love you.

  2. Very fun, I forwarded the blog to Sarah, so she can follow it. We look forward to hearing of Janet's adventures!

  3. How WONDERFUL! I have been reading the Work and the Glory and just asked Ned that one time soon I'd LOVE to go to Nauvoo and the church history sites. So wonderful.