Monday, May 10, 2010

The Truth Will Go Forth

We received our Mother's Day phone call from Elder Blair yesterday - 40 minutes worth. It was the best! It was so good to hear Tom speak of his missionary doings. I have no doubt that our home is blessed because of his missionary service. We felt it as our other sons served too.

Tom has returned to an area he served in earlier, Pearland. He's currently training a new companion, an already enthusiastic hardworking elder. And, he's on a bike which he hasn't rode much during his mission. He has about 3 1/2 months left of this wonderful experience of being a full-time missionary. Great things are happening in the Texas Houston South Mission.
I can't wait to go on a mission! The testimony of Tom and oh so many others, inspire me to go; and the missionary experiences I have now uplift and enrich my life. I love it!

We need increasing numbers of senior missionaries in missionary service. Where health and means make it possible, we call upon hundreds more of our couples to set their lives and affairs in order and to go on missions. How we need you in the mission field! You are able to perform missionary service in ways that our younger missionaries cannot.

What an example and a blessing it is to a family’s posterity when grandparents serve missions. Most senior couples who go are strengthened and revitalized by missionary service. Through this holy avenue of service, many are sanctified and feel the joy of bringing others to the knowledge of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Oh how happy I am that you got to talk to your missionary! What a great day indeed! And, I just want to tell you what a lovely post you posted yesterday and while very personal, it affected me deeply as I thought of it several times throughout the day. Thank you for all you do to lift and bless - even those of us who you don't really know you are lifting and blessing!