Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Love My Son

“For tomorrow belongs
to the people
who prepare for it today.”
--African Proverb
I don't mean to single out my son Tommy (like he's my favorite or something), but it has been so good to have him home.  He came home one year ago today from his Texas mission.  He's been helpful and fun and I just had to say so.  I'm feeling so grateful and proud of him.  I just don't know how long he'll be living with us, but I'm enjoying the moment.  Sooner or later he'll be moving on.
He has decided he wants to become a carpenter.  He wanted to do that when he came home from his mission, but the work wasn't out there to support him in that endeavor.  In the meantime, he's worked a little, went to school a little, talked with co-workers, friends, and family.  He's done some investigating, thinking, weighing all his options, plus lots of praying.   Work has picked up this summer, so he's feeling confident about pursuing carpentry again.  Making a decision about a career is often difficult.  Happily Tom has found his way.  This will be a foundation he can build on.

We've been working on my dad's house this summer (pictures to come later).  Tom's been very helpful with that project.  He's learning more than just carpentry.  I'm feeling very happy about his choice.  Best Wishes Tommy!

Janna and Tommy
Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium


  1. It is always so nice to have direction. Good Luck!

  2. It is so nice when we have these great moments of joy because of our childrens choices!