Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Been 30 Days

The cardiologist's diet:
If it tastes good, spit it out.
~Author Unknown

Well, I'm reporting in.  You can feel my lack of enthusiasm with that one sentence - "Well, I'm reporting in."  I want to blame the high priest group social with all its delicious potluck food.  Or maybe my downfall boils down to the fried Twinkie at the fair.  Whatever, I've been off the program some three weeks, but with my reporting at the 30 day mark I'm renewing my commitment.  I should have recommitted the day after my slips, but instead I continued on gaining three pounds of my once lost eight.  GRRRRRR!

Here I go again, I'm on the program and this time I'm working.  Yes, school has started once again.  I worked two days last week.  I'm scheduled for two days so far this week and then I'm off to AZ for a week to help with my new granddaughter, Dani Jo, (Bill and Chelsea's latest addition), born September 13th.  I'm looking forward to the visit and unfortunately I keep thinking about all the food I'm going to make for the family while I'm there.

Ryan with her new little sister, Dani Jo.

She's happy to have her home.  Ryan is a little bit disappointed that Dani isn't up and running with her.  She has so many plans to play with her little sister.  Check out Bill and Chelsea's blog for more photos.

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  1. The Program! I feel your pain! It is so hard to stay on "the program" when everything in life seems to involve food- and I, like you, love to fix food for my family! What a precious little baby girl- I looked at the blog and they are both so cute- have fun in AZ and make them lots of yummy food- "the program" will be there when you get back!