Thursday, September 22, 2011

Subbing Again

A five year-old always lays it on the line.  I subbed in a kindergarten class today.  When the class was over I finished out my day in two other kindergarten classes helping other teachers.  The class I subbed for knew I was filling in for their teacher, but in the other classes the kids weren't sure who I was.  A little boy called out to me and said, "Are you someone's granny?"  I quickly responded with, "I'm someone's granny, but not to anyone in this class.  I'm just here to help today."

Did I help? Maybe when I was assisting the other teachers, but it was a rough go in my class as teacher today.  I was definitely disappointed in how it went and I'm doing it tomorrow too.  I hope it goes better.  When they asked me to come back a second day I said, "Do you want me back?!"  Yes they do, but I could have said, "NO!"  I didn't because I figure if I go back to a class I'll get to know the kids better, get to know the routine better etc.  We'll see.  I pray for help everyday, but I'm really earnest on this one.

You know you're a teacher if . . .
You want to choke a person
when he or she says,
"Oh, you must have such fun every day.
This must be like playtime for you."

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  1. It probably went better than it seemed, but tomorrow will probably be better. Good luck!