Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

"Clothes make a statement.
Costumes tell a story."
Mason Cooley

Spooky Hallow at the Dedman House -
on their way to the
Sierra Ward Trunk R Treat 

The other day I picked up the boys (my local grandsons) from school.  Jeremiah questioned me while claiming his mother (my daughter) told him that her family never bought Halloween costumes when she was a kid. I admit we bought a few things to put a costume together, but in general, homemade was the ticket for creativity and the pocketbook.  Their family budget was a little tight this year, to say the least; the boys jumped in with all their Halloween fervor and transformed into homemade zombies.  I'm living World War Z all over again - not really, I thought they were cute.

Happy Halloween!

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