Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are We Having FUN Yet?

Tuesday, March 25th, Sam, Becky, and I headed to Orange County to see Cassie and Ruben's new apartment, visit with the grand kids, and go to Knott's Berry Farm. We had Jeremiah, my eldest grandson, join us on our venture to Knott's.

Now let's face it, I'm not theme park material. I haven't been for a longtime, my age and weight being the main deterring factors. My children question why I even bother going, it's not like I ride anything. Of course, me riding something adds to their thrill. It makes them feel better because they equate having fun with going on rides and certainly their mother is deserving of some fun.

Rides are not my thing; but I did go on one ride yesterday, the Ferris wheel, and only because they wouldn't let Jeremiah on without me. The pressure was on because he kept telling me how much he wanted to ride. I told him it might be scary, but he reassured me that he was brave. Who can argue with that? I trudged on to the Ferris wheel sitting between Jeremiah and Sam in the hope of keeping our cart somewhat balanced. True to his word, Jeremiah was very brave. He fared much better than Sam or I.

I use to be all about rides; but I've taken on a new position, one that has evolved with the more children I have had and has culminated with the addition of grandchildren. It is one that other grandmothers who have gone before will completely understand. Let me explain, I'm the one who watches purses and belongings as the family takes on another roller coaster ride. I'm the one who sits with the tired child that naps while everyone climbs on another roller coaster ride, again. I'm the one who acknowledges with the wave of my hand and a smile, the bright eyes and cheerful expression of a wee one's first experience on a carnival ride. Parents may well do the same, but I am another helping hand in the mix of things. I'm another person that's pleased to hear about how fun the ride was and maybe I'm just a little more animated with my pleasure in hearing about it. I'm the one with a little extra cash in my pocket for some candy, fun photos, a drink, or a souvenir t-shirt.

In my younger mothering days I was glad just to come up with the cash to go to an amusement park; don't even think about asking for a souvenir; water to drink will do just fine; and, of course, we'd take a break for lunch by walking back to the car to have our own private tailgate party followed by a nap. With Grandma leading the way on this excursion if we go back to the car, we're leaving. We'll eat inside the park and pay twice the price for food because I'm too tired to do anything different. If I was a regular at any theme park, I'd probably soon learn to work the system so we'd get more fun for our dollar; but we rarely go, so the philosophy is - RUN UNTIL YOU DROP!

Sam and Jeremiah had a great time. We were run amok for nine hours; albeit, Jeremiah was a bit whiny today because he was tired and Sam took a nap in the car as we drove home to Lancaster. They didn't seem too worse for the wear. They both claim they want to go back again. Becky did have to accommodate the little kid agenda on our play day at Knott's. There was a lot she didn't get to see or do. She was a definite help, but still had plenty of fun enjoying many of the rides with Sam and Jeremiah. She too wants to go back. Now the great proverbial question: Did I have fun? Well.....let me put it this way, "I'm HAPPY to be of service!" No doubt I'll be going again, the issue is, WHEN? I'm guessing it will be sooner instead of later because Cassie lives in Anaheim and because I'm the GRANDMA.

"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting."

-- Author Unknown

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