Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Adam Spiel (Confessions of a Pecking Typer) just challenged me to a typing test. I do not confess to pecking as he does. I took typing every summer from 8th grade through high school. I studiously made a point not to look at my hands while I typed. I am not a particularly studious person, but for some reason I delighted in the challenge of typing. I'd say, "Can I do this without looking?" and then test myself. I also took two typing classes in college. I always got an "A".

I attribute my typing skills to the many classes I had; otherwise, I wasn't typing much and it does take practice. I did have a few jobs that involved typing, so that gave me some daily practice. I perfected typing numbers, without looking, when I worked for the BYU Transfer and Admission Offices as a computer operator. Daily typing of Social Security numbers was a challenge at first, but "practice makes perfect" and eventually, I got the hang of it.

I like to type. For me it's faster and easier than printing or longhand. With all my stated background, you'd think I'd be able to give Adam a run for his money, but he has me beat. My 67 wpm pales to his 81, but what were your errors Adam?! Dare I boast, I use to get over 100 wpm in my heyday - if you can have a typing heyday. I'm contributing my 67 wpm to a loss of brain cells. I am almost 30 years his senior. You try it:


"Your story should be written now while it is fresh and while the true details are available...Get a notebook, my young folks, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity."

Spencer W. Kimball

“‘The Angels May Quote from It’,” New Era, Oct 1975, 4

That's for sure! Get a journal, get a blog, start writing or typing. You so easily forget your daily doings, I know that from experience. I try to write daily and devote Sunday's to extra writing, but according to my husband, my rightful name is the "All-Night Blogger". I just say, "I'm practicing my typing."


  1. Blogging has saved my journaling. Now I just need to print off my blog and stick it in my journal.

  2. I think you have me beat as far as the accuracy goes Aunt Martha-- I took the test a few times and got between 4-10 words wrong each time. I'm a fast pecker, but I sure do make a lot of mistakes.

    Amen to the blog journaling though--it's fun to have a family record with pictures and everything. I think we will enjoy looking back on it in the future. We already do.

  3. Awesome typing Martha! I took the test and got 45 wpm. Not too bad for only having had one semester of typing in high school. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  4. I type really slow, but then..i prefer to write. You ould say, i'm practicing my handwriting:)