Monday, January 25, 2010


In my attempt to cope with allergies I have evolved into not wearing make-up or using perfume. My sinuses thank me for it, but unfortunately I’ve grown to be very dowdy in my appearance in more ways than one.

The other day I was feeling particularly well. I had a meeting to go to so when I dressed up I decided I’d put on a little make-up. I started with mascara. It had been a while since I made such an attempt on my eyes. I was surprised that I hardly had any lashes to apply mascara to. Still I did the best I could with the few lashes I had.

I then added some brownish eye shadow on my upper lid hoping to compensate for the lack of definition I achieved with my mascara. It was a new purchase and I could instantly see that it was way too light. I wondered why I had even bothered putting it on. It was the same color as my skin.

I went for my lips next with a very conservative color. It was a subdued mauve kind of shade, what my lip color should be, but has unfortunately faded with time. Last, a little blush, because in my old age I have definitely quit blushing. I added just a tiny bit of color on my cheekbones and like my lips it is where color once was.

"Good blending," I thought as wrapped it all up.  I was out the door, but I had to pick up Sam before I went to my meeting. He was at Cassie’s. I rolled up in front of the house and honked the horn. He quickly ran to the car. It was dark out with maybe a bit of moonlight filtering in through the car windows or maybe it was the street light. Whatever it was, there was very little light in the car.

Sam hopped in and looked at me. Without a wince or a flinch he quickly fastened his safety belt securely and settled into his seat. He then turned and looked at me again and said, with all candor, “So . .  what’s up with all the make-up?”

“I’m going to a meeting and I thought I’d try and look a little nicer,” was my reply.

He seemed content with my answer. He didn’t say anything more. He just turned and looked straight ahead as we drove off.

I was obviously out of character. I was hoping not to look like my usual frumpy self, but with Sam’s frank question I wondered if  I was looking like a painted woman.  I just laughed and went to my meeting.

"If you can't make it better,
you can laugh at it."


  1. your post made me smile! I never really wore much make-up till my forties, but when I broke my wrist last year, I stopped and I hadn't really started back up. When Whitnie came home this summer she said to me "What's with the fanny pack, and no make-up?" I said I started with the pack because of my broken arm and that's why I stopped with the make-up. She said, "It not broken any more so get back with the program." So .... I am back on most days... especially if I am going anywhere with her.

  2. I'm sure you looked fabulous! What do boys know anyway?

  3. Oh, this post had me holding my sides! Such an ordinary event and you made it so entertaining!! Good for you for trying to look a little nicer, it makes all of us feel good to dress up a bit sometimes. I've been having what the doc calls "Allergies" too. I don't believe him though. I can't wear makeup or contacts and haven't been able to for months. Talk about frumpy! That's how I feel, not to mention the nice shiner. :)