Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Questions Every Day

I'm into 2010, optimistic and looking ahead with new goals.  Most of my journal keeping since August 2008 has been in the form of letters - a collection of letters to my son, Tommy/Elder Blair.  I had a friend give me a compact journal recently, I'm going to use it for some daily recording.  I have two questions I want to ponder. I hope to prod my family each day with the same.  I hope I can write something daily.  I'm hoping for a great year! These questions are prompted by talks given by President Henry B. Eyring and President Thomas S. Monson.

1.   How did the hand of God touch my life today?

My dad once told me, that when I was very little and my parents would ask me not to do something, I would immediately turn to do it and say, "Here . . .  I . . . .  go!"  I guess I've grown up a bit.  Now the presiding brethren have asked me to do something.  I'm glad to say, "Here I go!"

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  1. I am sure each of your days will be influenced by these questions, and not just your journal writing! I also remember and love that talk by H.B. Eyring.