Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sam's last first day of elementary school.

Today Sam started back to school, but he was disappointed that he didn't get to go to junior high.  At the end of last school year they shutdown Park View Middle School.  By eliminating a school in the district they had to do some redistribution of students.  Sam was in one of the elementary schools that was assigned to add 6th grade, so instead of getting to move on to middle school he had to stay in elementary school another year.

This morning as we readied to leave, Sam had his back to me as he was walking out the door to the car.  I called out to him,  "Hey Sam, you want me to walk you to your class?"  From where I was standing I saw his whole body stiffen up.  His head quickly turned back and jerked as he pronounced an emphatic, "NO!!!"  He's growing up.  I knew he was already upset* about not getting to go to Endeavour Middle School like he anticipated, so me walking him to class was definitely not an option. In spite of all that, he had a great day. Hope his year continues to go well.

"Every age has its beautiful moments."

*Sam read this post and informed me that he wasn't upset about not going to middle school. I'm glad he's dealing with it. It's an even bigger indicator he's growing up.


  1. Sam, Now you can rule the school as 6th grader!

  2. These "growing pains" are awful. Don't you just want him to stay small? I am really struggling with Lucy becoming a "big girl."