Monday, September 27, 2010

September Student of the Month

Nancy Cory Elementary has standards they encourage the students to live by.  The last two years Sam has received the Student of the Month award the last month of the school year. I'm happy for his recognition, but on the last go round I told him that maybe he ought to try and get the award earlier in the year. Well, lo and behold, this year he got it the first month of the school year. Hoorah for Sammy!
 Sammy and Dezmond
"We must always be trustworthy. We must learn whom we can trust to help us make right choices. Perhaps the most important thing of all is that we must let Heavenly Father know that He can trust us—that He can trust us to do the things that are right, that He can trust us to keep His commandments to be loving and kind and obedient and honest and to set a good example for all those around us. Heavenly Father wants us to be trustworthy, and when we are, we will receive the wonderful blessings of peace and joy and happiness that He has to share with all His children."

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