Friday, October 1, 2010

Back-to-School for Me Too!

It's not just back-to-school for Janna and Sam, but for me too.  I'm not taking a class, but working again.  It's been a bit of a slow start.  No work the first week, but I ended up with six jobs (two a week) by the end of the month.  I like this pace.  It's a little slower, but I have lots to do at home and elsewhere.  So it gives me time to get other things done and earn a little extra money which is especially helpful right now.

My first job was a class of autistic children.  It's a classroom I have subbed in before.  It was mostly  the same kids from the previous year.  None of them are particularly verbal, but you know me; singing is always on my agenda.  As we sang some songs together, I started to get requests from one boy in the class. He was taller than the other children and could talk better than any of them.  I felt like he was stepping forward as the class spokesman. He remembered the songs I had sung with them before, even Halloween songs from last year.  What a surprise! I understood what he wanted, so we sang his desires.

I was in their classroom for two days.  At times it can be a difficult class to handle, but with one child's enthusiasm he spurred us on to greater singing heights.  It all went well.  I'm hoping for a great school year.

"A song is a wonderful kind of thing
so lift up your voice and sing."

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