Monday, April 25, 2011

Arizona Easter

Hugh and I ventured to Arizona this weekend (leaving our other children behind) to see our granddaughter, Ryan.  We saw Bill and Chelsea too.
Ryan, 2 years old - delightful and cute as can be.

Ryan, Chelsea, and others on a Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt.
(Bill and Chelsea found out this weekend that they are having another girl.  She's due in September.)

Later Bill and Hugh went on a drive viewing the sights of Arizona.
(Bill's wearing a boot and using crutches.  He had surgery last month to repair his Achilles tendon.  He's on the mend.)

 It was a beautiful day to say the least.
(Hugh loves to drive and hike.)

It was a quick trip, but we're glad we took the opportunity.  We always have so much to do.  We are grateful we had a little break, but now we're back to our usual busyness.

“Vacation is what you take

when you can't take what you've been taking

any longer.”


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