Saturday, November 19, 2011

Death By Chocolate

Life without chocolate
is like a beach without water.

on Pensacola Beach
 That's right I had dessert!  More than once!
On our last outing in Pensacola we not only had dinner,
but shared some
Key Lime Pie
Death by Chocolate
And yes, I gained weight this month!  Since I've been home I've started riding my stationary bike again.  Having something to read helps.  I just finished The Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins.  So I'll keep biking and reading and see what happens because I know I'm having some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.  So forget that dessert idea, but Janna has been hanging in there (no dessert) and she's losing more weight.  She doesn't even need to lose weight, but she's doing it.  Here I go again.  Reporting in 30 days - December 19th.

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  1. Ha ha ha...

    I guess I have been blessed by never LOVING chocolate. I like it now, but never loved it. My Ella is the same way. I just love it with Peanut Butter, that's my weakness...he he he