Friday, March 1, 2013

Back on the Wagon

I had a bit of a setback this month.  I got injured for one.  I fell walking at the mall, twice, and tripped three times in between my falls.  What was that all about?  After 45-minutes of nearly killing myself (hitting that tile floor felt like getting hit by a Mack Truck, twice) I figured I better get out of there while I was still alive.  I haven't walked since - so obviously I am exercising less.  I don't know when I'll start walking again. I am still riding my stationary bike.

Being weakened, I didn't think about eating less, but ate more.  Mid-month I also went to a wedding and a funeral (more food). Anyway, I caught myself close to the end of the month.  I was starting to gain back a pound a day.  I caught hold of myself and regrouped mentally. I still hurt from the fall, but I can see I'm getting better, so I'm grateful for that.  It will be sometime before I totally quit hurting (or is that even possible at my age).  Anyway, I'm feeling optimistic once again, but I definitely lost some losing time.  YIKES! Becky's birthday party last night - heart attack on a plate (Chicken Alfredo) and homemade chocolate mint ice cream, none of which I should have had.  It was YUMMY!

March 1st is a new day.  Is it any wonder, I started out the year with:  On the Program for the REST OF MY LIFE!  It literally has to be that way.  I'm back on the wagon.

February 1st 236.6 (had gotten down to 231 early this month.)
March 1st  235
Lost an additional 1.6
Total loss since January 1st  15.8 lbs.

Don't dig your grave
with your own knife and fork. 
~English Proverb


  1. Battle of our life! Good for you Martha! I think you are so brave to put your weight down! You are an inspiration to all of us who are living the same struggle everyday! Hey when does Janet Reynders get home? I wish I could get her and my son who just got home from his mission together (he is 28 yrs old) I adore that girl!!