Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trailing Clouds of Glory

#10 and Counting

Charlotte Martha Blair
6.6 lbs
19 inches
Born 1:30 PM
Pensacola, FL
March 10, 2013

A new baby in our line of grandchildren - Charlotte Martha Blair. She was born today on what would have been my husband's father's (which is Charlotte's great-grandfather) 85th birthday. That is a nice sentiment not to mention her middle name is my own first name.  Her older sister's middle name is after her other grandmother, Kristine.  

The baby came early too.  Wendy has had all her children early. Everything went well though with the delivery. The family is all doing great and we were happy to get the special news.

One other side note, because Rick and Wendy have moved so much, each of the children has been born somewhere different:

Evelyn - Utah
Will - California
Eddie - Okinawa
Charlotte - Florida

Maybe I shouldn't be so forthcoming with all this information on the Internet, but I think it's interesting.    They are anticipating another move later this year - does that mean another baby will on the way?  Just thinking out loud, too loud no doubt.

"Pretty dresses,
Little Curls,
Oh thank heaven for little girls!"


  1. Such a little beauty and I love her name! Grand children are the best in my book- my third will be here in July and I hope to hear soon that # 4 is on its way! How fun to have 10! Congratulations!