Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Call

We were anticipating Janna's mission call last Friday, but it didn't come.  What a disappointment, but it came Saturday!  Hoorah for Israel!

First the guesses,  I hope I got everyone:

Me - Liberty Jail Visitors Center (Liberty, Missouri)
Hughie B. - Mongolia
Bailey G. - Spain
Sam B. - France
Marla M. - Brazil
Jeremiah D. - New York
Joseph D. - Puerto Rico
Ammon D. - Taiwan
Cassie D. - Holland
Dexter D. - Italy
Ruben D. - Missouri
Mark R. - Rome, Italy
Jo R.- Helsinki, Finland
Robert R. - South Carolina
Paige R. - Pensacola, Florida
Scott R. - Rapid City, South Dakota
Nancy H. - Hamburg, Germany
Heidi B. - Spain
Danette S. - Russia
Janessa H. - Philippines
Kathleen J. - Ohio or Italy (Yikes!  Only one vote.)
Tammie H. - Japan
Annie S. - Kansas
Kim F. - Germany
Laura C. - France
Jeffrey H. - Sacrament North
Erica P. - New Zealand
Berkeley P. - Oregon
Jennifer S. - Overseas 
Anita G. - Independence, Missouri
Cei K. - Portugal
Michelle T. - Canada
Emma R. - New York
Don and Kathy O. - New Zealand
Beth E. - Canada
Candy R. - The Carolinas or South America
Jeanette M. - Japan

Sally R. - Oklahoma, somewhere warm
Jacob L. - Florida
Brittany L. - Japan
Kendra K. - Argentina or New York, New York
Zoe B. - Hollywood, Florida
Charles O. - Seattle, Washington
Aimee I. - Paris, France
Sydney B. - Lancaster . . .
Kellie H. - Boston, MA or Argentina
Alyssa A. - Lancaster
Emilyann B. - New York
Ricky F. - Texas
Mike T. - Pocatello, Idaho
Stephanie S. - South Carolina
Thomas B. - Thailand
Rebecca B. - Paris, France
Natalie B. - New Zealand or Montana
Veronica M. - Kansas
Tracie D. - France, somewhere in Europe
                 or maybe Washington D. C.
Nicole B. - Guatemala or NYC
David E. - Dominican Republic
Teancum Q. - Korea or Texas
Jared Q. - Temple Square
William B. - Jacksonville, Florida
Rick B. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wendy B. - Texas
Evelyn B. - Mississippi
Will B. - Alabama
Eddie B. - Texas
Dave L. - North Carolina
Lisa B. - England
Beth L. - Michigan
Kate R. - Michigan
Jana T. - St. Louis, Missouri/Dallas, Texas/Ireland
Perri L. - Spain
Jessica L. - Utah
Doyle M. - Temple Square
Julie M. - New York
Michelle G. - Tonga

The Call:  Florida Orlando Mission
               Leaving - July 17, 2013 (Janna's dad's 60th birthday)

Referred to as "The Happiest Mission on Earth"

Runners-Up:  Billy Blair guessed Jacksonville, Florida.  Bill served in the Florida Jacksonville Mission over ten years ago.  Things change, as in the boundaries; we found out that there are places in the Orlando Mission where Bill served when it was in the Jacksonville Mission.  We're making special note and maybe Janna will get to serve in those same areas.
                      Zoe Burgess guessed Hollywood, Florida.  This is where she currently lives.  It is in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale  Mission; close, but no prize.  Ft. Lauderdale is where my sister served almost 35 years ago - Spanish speaking.

Winner:  Well I'm giving it to my nephew, Jake Lockhart, for his more generalized answer - Florida.  He's coming to visit so he'll get a Disney prize when he comes to town.  Congrats Jake!

"I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord,
Over mountain or plane or sea;
I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord,


  1. Congratulations to Janna! She'll be a great missionary!

  2. SO FUN and exciting!!! I was way off.I had a friend who served in that mission years ago.