Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Stuff

The wedding came and went,
but the cousins still played.
We ate, played games, visited, road bikes;
we just plain had fun together.
It was nice to see everyone at such a happy gathering.

Chelsea, Dani, Ryan and cousin Ryan
Parents, kids, cousins all went to Dry Town Waterpark in Palmdale

Little Jayson cooling off.
The kids watched their parents
come off the big slides.
It was a fun day!
Except, Hughie broke two ribs - oldness taking over.
Reynders' asked us to join them
at the last minute on Thorley Mtn. 
Cousin Emma (recording).
Cousin Annie (feeding the actions with her i-phone)
Bailey (guessing)
Charades Team - Uncle Adam, Tommy,
Sammy, Jake (cousin), Adam S. (cousin)

Janna with her first companion, Sister W.
They're serving in the Orlando Zone in Inverness, Florida

Inverness is the same area Janna's brother, Billy, served in approximately 14 years ago as part of the Florida Jacksonville Mission. Yes, she's made connections from some of his old friends there and she knows that their are people there waiting to hear her testimony.

Back in California
Rick and the kids

Wendy and baby Charlotte
Making home in Joshua Tree

Happily Rick, Wendy, and the kids are only 2 1/2 hours away.  A big change from their previous digs of Okinawa and Pensacola, FL.  We're hoping to get together with them soon.  We're excited about them being in the same state.

Haley and Tom

Officially moved the same day Rick and Wendy moved - not exactly.  It was the day Haley actually moved. Tom and Haley were back and forth from Lancaster to Clovis for a good month as they tried to keep it all together with work and the move.  They made it.  We'll miss them, but they won't be too far. 

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