Saturday, December 28, 2013

They're Getting It

I can be an influence as a grandparent, but there is nothing more influential in the life of a child than their parents.  They will also be influenced by teachers, friends, etc.  But I wonder, I wish, I pray, that my grandchildren are moving forward in their understanding of Christ.

I had an experience over the holiday I wanted to share.  Ryan, Bill and Chelsea's oldest daughter, who is four years old was in the backyard.  I was watching a number of my grandchildren outside and figured  it was a nice day and I got out our trash can and started clearing out the garden.  The kids were all over it. Evelyn collected old peach seeds and asked if she could plant them.  I said yes so that immediately gave her license to start digging.  The others got out things to dig around with too.  They're garden help turned in to garden play which I was fine with.  Ryan specifically asked if she could help me. She was looking for some instruction.  I told her I was picking up all the dead plants and leaves and putting them in the trash. She mulled around a little bit scrapping up leaves and depositing them in my trash can.  She then said, "You know what this is Grandma?"

I looked at her while she continued to scrape the ground, "What?"

Ryan responded, all knowing, "It's called service."

I was so pleased, I said to her, "That's right, you're helping me."  She carried on with her work just like the rest of the kids.  I happily thought, "They're getting it!"

I told Billy about it later.  He said Ryan had recently given a talk at church about service.  I thought, you really show your understanding of something when you live it - again, they're getting it.

Ryan - one of my many helpers that day

Service allows us to practice doing what Jesus would do. It connects us to those we serve and gives us a kind of satisfaction that self-interest can never offer.
(from The Purpose of Helping Others at


  1. And "when we're helping, we're happy!"

    1. Love that song, love that message, we're going to sing it in Primary today.

  2. This made my heart very happy...