Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Michael, Janna, Sammy, Becky, and Emma

My brother, Adam, and his children arrived over a week ago. Zoe's friend, Sarah Shelley, is in town too, visiting from Florida. We had 13 plus people, at times, in tow or at home, as we kept everyone entertained. It's been fun, but it's just the beginning of a crazy busy month. We are booked with cousins and other activities. This is just an example of it:

Monday - Family Home Evening/Apollo Park/Foster's Freeze
Tuesday - Zoe's Luau
Wednesday - Swimming Party at the McEwan's
Thursday - Movie
Friday - Beach House, visiting the Shirley Family/FIREWORKS
Saturday - BBQ/Sparklers
Sunday - Church

No wonder everyone likes to visit Aunt Martha. Between all this is eating, piano, Pioneer School (my home version of summer school), chores, appointments, tending Poppy and Grandma, etc., etc., etc. Am I booked or what?! We're the hub of activity.

Adam is back in Utah today, but he left his kids here for more cousin time. My sister, Beth, will be here next week with her two youngest. And we'll all be rendezvousing with my other brother, Mark, sooner or later. I could share more details, but I won't. I'm too busy!!!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
-- John Lennon

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  1. You guys are so fun! "The Cousins". I always loved the sound of that, and now my kids have "the cousins" too. In fact I call them "the cousins" and my dad is "Poppy" to the grandkids as well. You've given me a heritage or a pattern for happy families in so many ways. I bet you had no idea.