Monday, July 21, 2008

A Pioneer Day

"Stand as witnesses of God at all times
and in all things, and in all places"
(from the Young Women Theme, Mosiah 18:9)

"So where should each of us make our stand? As we demonstrate our devotion to God by our daily acts of righteousness, He can know where we stand. For all of us this life is a time of sifting and refining. We all face trials. Individual members in the early days of the Church were tested and refined when they had to decide if they had the put their belongings in a wagon or a pioneer handcart and travel across the American plains. Some did not have the faith. Those who did traveled “with faith in every footstep.” In our time we are going through an increasingly difficult time of refining and testing. The tests are more subtle because the lines between good and evil are being eroded. Very little seems to be sacred in any of our public communication. In this environment we will need to make sure where we stand all of the time in our commitment to eternal truths and covenants."
James E. Faust, “Where Do I Make My Stand?,”Ensign, Nov 2004, 18

Through all our playing this summer, Janna took the opportunity to participate in our stake youth conference. It was a reenactment of the pioneers crossing the plains. Their version involved pushing and pulling fifteen handcarts through the high Sierra's for four days along with other activities to enhance their understanding of the pioneer experience.

Janna with her pioneer family, The Chandler's, marching into the Great Salt Lake Valley.

I can't recount all of Janna's feelings and knowledge she gained from the event, but I do know how I felt as we greeted and hailed the incoming pioneers. I get emotional just thinking about it. No doubt our adulation was similar to those who were met so long ago. When Janna and I saw each other our eyes filled with tears. Hearts communicated with hearts. She was so grateful to be home. Grateful for the gospel. Grateful for her faith in Christ. I felt those things too. Surely our hearts were comforted and knit together in love.

Glad to have Janna home. Glad to be home.

Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert - I might mention that in celebration of Pioneer Day (July 24th)there will be a special broadcast on Saturday, July 26, at 7:30 p.m. mountain daylight time, (6:30 p.m. pacific daylight time). will provide a one-time, live Internet stream of the Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert, featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Orchestra at Temple Square, and special guests, the Osmonds. This presentation will not be archived like other broadcasts. Hope you read this post in time to view this special program. I'M ALL ABOUT IT!

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