Friday, August 8, 2008

Working Mom

A little girl,
asked where her home was,
"where mother is."
~~Keith L. Brooks

Last May, Sam, in a reflective tone, asked me why I didn't work like other moms work. I immediately knew he was referring to a paying gig. At the time, I had been going to school with him every morning for several days helping to finalize a little musical presentation for his classroom. My response was, "Well....I wouldn't be able to volunteer my time and help in your class like I do if I had a "job".

The following week I found myself seriously considering substitute teaching and started the process to apply. I told Sam about it. I asked him what he thought about me working. Somehow I thought he'd be okay with it because of our conversation the week before. I would now be like "other" moms, but he made it perfectly clear that he didn't like the idea. He was worried that I wouldn't be home. "I'm afraid I won't see you," he said.

I informed him that being a substitute teacher made it easier for me to stay home when he was ill or to deal with other home and family matters. I further explained that I would go to work and come home when he did, but he was quick to inform me, "Mom, I know those teachers, they stay after school." Again, I reassured him that substitute teachers don't have to stay after school, just regular teachers do that. He seemed appeased, but he was worried. Of course, this working is not only out of the ordinary for me, but for everyone else in the family. We will no doubt have our adjustments.

Sam and I, working things out about "working".


  1. This is a sweet post. Of course he'd be, worried your his special mom. I can remember attending AVC in between semesters at the Y and just loving that my mom was usually around when I got home because she wasn't working. I think there is something special about being at the "cross roads" like Pres. Kimball says. Subbing would be perfect for this. You'd still get the stimulation of working away from home, and all those benefits once in awhile and still beable to be home when the family's around.

  2. So, did you decide if you are going to apply as a substitute teacher?

    I wish I was in a position where Carline could be home all day with Matix. I have argued with myself many times about the need for Carline to be a working mom, whether or not it is necessary. Has the transition to dual income households over the years become an economic necessity in order for a family to survive? Is the value of goods based off the fact that most families are dual income families? At one time I believed it was a necessity. A family needs two income sources to survive in society today.

    I realize now that I was wrong. The standard of living has gone way up the last several decades and our wants are making the dual income house a necessity. Do I think every family needs to sacrifice to keep one parent at home? Not really. I can't do it... yet. But I would like to someday.