Monday, August 4, 2008


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

I was a grandma with bun. I've been twisting my hair on top of my head for years. My motivation was convenience, but I knew I would look better if I cut it. I was worried I wouldn't cope with the daily maintenance of shorter hair. I feel so busy and have grown use to the very easy care of simply wrapping my hair and using a clip to secure it. It doesn't get more trouble-free than that.

This year I devised a plan to help me phase into shorter hair. I was just too afraid to cut it so I have been inching it up throughout the year. First I had six inches cut off. About six weeks ago I had five inches cut, then two weeks ago another five. I guess if I was thinking ahead I could have donated a goodly amount of hair to Locks of Love, but I didn't.

Anyway, this last go round brought me to the point of having to keep my hair down and coiffed. It has been relatively easy to manage and of course, I'm wondering why I didn't cut it sooner. I may well cut even more off, but for now I'm living with it.

Wherever I go, people have complemented me on my shorter do. People I don't even know that well are quick to kindly endorse my new look. Case in point, I was at a neighborhood garage sale the other day. One of my other neighbors, an older gentleman, was there making a purchase. He is from Mexico. He knows very little English and has a thick accent. We passed by each other. I smiled and said, "Hello." He did a double take and responded, "Are you Martha?" Still smiling I said, "Yes." He was so enthusiastic as he tried to express himself, "You....are....BEAUTIFUL!" Did something get lost in translation? Of course, he was trying to tell me he liked my new hair cut. Me, a 55-year old grandmother doesn't get called "BEAUTIFUL" very often as sweet and loved as I may be. I well knew what he was trying to say, but I'm tickled by the whole thing and happy to take the compliment.

"Those who look for beauty, find it."
Author Unknown

Looking and feeling FABULOUS, d-a-h-l-i-n-k!

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