Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm OUT!

I've gotten all sorts of emails from people wondering why I'm not on FACEBOOK anymore. I had just barely started with FACEBOOK and all its networking wonder when my daughter informed me the other day that someone was using my name and sending out comments on FACEBOOK. Weirdness comments I might add that included weirdness links. She said, "Just write and tell everyone it wasn't you."  According to her it happens all the time, people hacking and using your name, etc. And I just made contact with so many dear friends, but sorry you all I've deleted my account. I can't take the weirdness and I don't want to be affiliated with weirdness.  No, I'm just going to sit here with my quiet unassuming blog and hope for the best. 



  1. I've been offline for so long and I'm just catching up. That's too bad that the account was hacked. I suggest making sure all your programs on your computer are up to date and the same goes for your virus protection. The simplest way I know of to check out if all your programs are up to date is to go to the Secunia online software inspector (OSI) to scan your computer. Sometimes you would be surprised how much is out of date.

    Here's the link-