Saturday, October 17, 2009

She Quietly Went to the Temple

“It is the deepest desire of my heart
to have every member of the Church
worthy to enter the temple.”
President Howard W. Hunter
“Exceeding Great and Precious Promises, ” Ensign, Nov. 1994, 8

Becky came to Hugh and I earlier in the year informing us that she thought she was ready to go to the temple.  She's 26 now.  She met with our bishop and found that there wasn't anyone else in the ward ready to take the temple prep class.  Hughie offered to teach the lessons to Becky in our home.

When our children were preparing for baptism Hugh had a set of lessons he gave before one of them was baptised.  We sat through those lessons during family home evening many times, 7 to be exact or I should say 8.  He also presented them to our friend Zoe before she was baptised.  Anyway, our family home evening lessons were the temple preparation lessons for a period of time.  Hugh also asked Becky to  read "The House of the Lord" by James Talmage and "The Holy Temple" by Boyd K. Packer.

Well the day finally arrived.  Becky went to the temple today.  It wasn't the same pomp and circumstance like our other children who had gone before.  They were either going on missions or getting married or in Cassie's case having her family sealed together.  Because of the added events there were gatherings with family and friends in addition to the paramount temple experience.  Back then all our children that could go went with us to the temple.  Even the kids that couldn't go inside were outside waiting.  But today, Becky quietly went to the temple joined by her sister, Cassie, and her parents.

I was very pleased for Becky and grateful for her committed preparation.  She was very thoughtful and ready.  It was a great day!  Now when we make temple trips Becky will be able to go with us.

Look to the temple of the Lord
as the great symbol of your membership.”
Presient Howard W. Hunter,


  1. So happy for Becky and your family, what a wonderful day. She looks beautiful and her countenance is glowing. Keep going and glowing!!! smiles Danette

  2. Love this story. Love you Becky. You are a wonderful example to all of us.

  3. That is the most wonderful thing! What a great example to all of us and especially her younger siblings. And, what a great day as a mom to have your two older girls there with you.