Thursday, October 8, 2009

Only in Texas

Elder Blair and a longhorn truck.

If you hadn't noticed already, Tommy's new address is posted on my sidebar.  He's serving in Pearland and has a new companion and a new assignment as district leader.  He loves being a missionary.  He loves the people of Texas.  And we love getting his weekly email report.  We're so grateful for his happy service.

"I believe that every Latter-day Saint who has received a testimony of the divinity of the work in which we are engaged has [the] same feeling that Alma had—a desire that all the world might hear the testimony of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ [see Alma 29:1–9]. When men and women receive a testimony of the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith, they are anxious that all the world should have that same knowledge and faith. They are anxious that the gospel should go to every honest soul. And there is no other labor in all the world that brings to a human heart, judging from my own personal experience, more joy, peace and serenity than proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"In no part of the work of God here upon the earth at the present time is there such a band of happy, contented, peaceful people as those who are engaged in missionary service. Service is the real key to joy. When one is giving service for the advancement of humanity, when one is working without money and without price, with no hope of earthly reward, there comes a real, genuine joy into the human heart."

Heber J. Grant, The Teachings of Heber J. Grant, Chapter 9:  "The Joy of Missionary Work"

You might find longhorn trucks ONLY in Texas, but the joy of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is everywhere.

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  1. I love this quote!! It is true. How exciting for Tommy. Did you see the Ensign this month? It has quite a bit about blogging and blogging about missions. Your blog is entertaining but also a great service. Love it.