Monday, October 10, 2011


Dani Jo and Grandma
I got to hang in Arizona for one week.  I mostly held Dani Jo (my latest grandbaby, #9) and cooked food for her family.  We also went out a few times:  the park, the store, the library, the temple, and a walk in the neighborhood.  It was nice being there with Billy, Chelsea, and their two little girls.  I haven't always gotten to see my grandchildren when they were so tiny.  It was hot, but still a very nice week.

Ryan on the Mesa Temple grounds.
I told Ryan, "I love to see the temple."
She said, "I love to see the temple too."

Dani Jo wide awake.

Janna claims they should have named her Janna.
She thinks Dani is her clone.  She does look like her.

Ryan peddling in the neighborhood.

A hot Arizona sunset.
"Grandchildren are God's way
of compensating us for growing old."
Mary H. Waldrip

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