Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've got lots to blog about, but my computer isn't working very well and I need help downloading some pictures because of all the weirdness. OHHHHH! I'm feeling stifled!  Hopefully Santa will be good to us and bring a new computer for Christmas.  We'll see, I better be good.

My niece, Annie, was visiting earlier this week with her family.  She said my posts about the gospel doctrine class I teach made her want to be in my class.  I haven't posted about my lessons for a long time.  We had a power outage at church one Sunday so I didn't get to teach my scheduled class.  I had to double up the next week and for some reason, again, I was stifled.  I haven't posted anything since about it.  I was going to just forget it because I was so far behind on my weekly lesson posts.  I figured I'd just get back into the swing next year when we start the Book of Mormon, but Annie's encouraging words made me want to make it all up.  So I'll back pedal and gradually put some posts up about my lessons, along with a report about my trip to Arizona last week, and a bit about my niece moving to Australia.  More to come.

Today's lesson was titled "Be Ye Reconciled to God". The principles covered were from II Corinthians.  Paul's letters are loaded with "golden nuggets" as I called them - feeling godly sorrow, forgiving others, becoming reconciled to God, and overcoming tribulation. He's inspired to direct the saints.  I compared these writings to our last weekend of general conference.  Our prophet and other general authorities, again - inspired, share with us direction for our day. Here's a favorite quote from conference:

I'm always quick to use a one-liner to make a point around here and I found one that I'm all about with Elder Andersen's talk, Children.  He quoted Spencer W. Kimball,  "Where is your faith?"  These are words that I will incorporate in my everyday conversation at home and especially to myself every time I recognize me balking at living a principle of the gospel, "Where is your faith?"  It's such a simple question and hearing those words makes me self-evaluate.  I can live the gospel, with Christ all things are possible.  This is just one of the many "golden nuggets" from general conference.  Again, "Where is your faith?"

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