Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My cousin, Susan, is really my mother's first cousin.  Susan's mother and my grandmother are sisters and yet Susan and I are just months apart in age.  Because of our age and familial relationship we had an instant bond. We have some great memories of visiting my grandmother (her aunt) together. Over the years we've kept in touch and visited with each other, but not often.  Still, that feeling of love and camaraderie are always there when we get together.
I hadn't had any direct contact with Susan for several years, just my usual Christmas cards.  I was wondering about her and so was my cousin, Doyle, because neither of us had spoken with her for a while.  He tracked her down and found out she had been in a terrible car accident in Mexico some years ago.  She was now living in a nursing home facility in Yucaipa.  I was shocked, but happy to know where she was and renew our relationship.  Time flies.  It's been several years since we've regained contact.  I visit her periodically and every time I do I forget to bring my camera, but I remembered yesterday.  Yeah!  I got a photo of us.

Susan and I
Cousins Forever

While talking with Susan  I was amazed to find out she had recently gone to the ER several times.  YIKES!  She seems to be on the mend and she always has such a positive attitude.  By the array of Christmas cards displayed on wall of her room, you can see she is greatly loved even by those who are not family and close friends. Many people who work where she lives love to talk with her and hear her advice and wisdom.  She's always a good listener and graciously hopes to help and improve your way.  I know I'm always better when I visit Susan.  Her southern hospitality and kindness always comes through.
"True love lasts forever.
It is eternally patient and forgiving.
It believes, hopes, and endures all things."

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