Friday, January 27, 2012

Ma and Pa

A few weeks ago, Hugh and I were asked to serve as a Ma and Pa for the upcoming stake youth conference in July. It’s a four-day trek, a reenactment of sorts, of the Mormon pioneers going west.  With a number of youth we will form a family pulling a handcart along with a larger company of youth and adults from our stake.

Hugh knew the trek was coming up (it's every four years) and wondered if maybe we'd be asked.  Me, I was totally shocked!  Pushing and pulling a handcart through the Sierras - Really?  Hugh has no knees and I’m twice the size I was when we got married. Not to mention, at this age (we'll both be 59 when we head out) we’re more a Grandma and Grandpa than a Ma and Pa.  Anyway, in spite of all that, we both felt good about it and said, "YES!"

Hugh’s attitude, “I was training for a marathon, but I guess I’ll train for the trek instead.”

Me, “I was trying to lose weight and become more fit. I guess this will help me achieve my goal.”

Certainly our physical strength will be taxed and more, but in enduring trials comes great spiritual strength and blessings.  It’s not going to be easy.  With that said, I'm already in reenactment mode.  No doubt the Saints knew before they left that it wouldn't be easy, but they believed in Christ and moved forward each day with faith in every footstep.

With faith in every footstep,
we follow Christ, the Lord;
And filled with hope
through his pure love,
we sing with one accord.


  1. looking forward to reading about your adventure! Have Fun along with all the growth!!!!

  2. You are going to have a wonderful time. John and I loved being Pa and Ma last trek! Many of the kids came not wanting to be there, and left not wanting to go home.

  3. My daughter did this a few years ago, and although she never wants to do it again, it was the most spiritual experience of her life! I am so grateful for our pioneer ancestors, and their sacrifices... and for the church programs that allow our youth to get a glimpse into the past... I will be cheering you both on - and can't wait to hear all about it!