Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trek - Day 2

The McFarland family were our friendly neighbors throughout the trek. They were always next to us - camping and walking, plus we rotated through the 2nd day activities together in the afternoon.

On the rocks at our campsite,
McFarland girls and Clay.

Packing up - getting ready to head out.
After a few hours of walking up and down and all around again. Brother Thacker galloped through our company calling attention in his military garb. We stopped and gathered as he reported to us that the US government needed assistance in fighting the Mexican War. Dare I say, the same US government who did not come to the aid of the Saints when they were being persecuted; not to mention Gov. Bogg's extermination order; not to mention the Saints were leaving the boundaries of the United States in the hope to find a home and peace. Even so, we believe in obeying the laws of the land. Brigham Young made it perfectly clear that 500 men should join the ranks. The Saints badly needed the money to continue their journey to safety. They were also promised by a prophet of God, if the men would join the Mormon Battalion that none would die in battle - none did.

Brother Thacker playing the part with his call to arms.

The guys marching off, two by two.
Up on the hill they settled in and received a presentation
on the Mormon Battalion from Brother Thacker.

The girls received a presentation from Sister Thacker
on how women many times had to pull the handcarts alone.

Heading out on the Women's Pull.
McFarland's ahead of us.

Kalie's mom jumped in to help our group.
Smiling faces here, but people were crying
and exhausted by the time they got to the top of the hill.

It was a rigorous event and everyone felt tested.  After a period of struggling the girls ended up pulling together on each handcart to get them up the hill.  The boys eventually joined in, but were instructed that they could not talk or touch the handcart.  They moved rocks out of the way, they took the water jugs off the carts and carried them, including the water jug holders which were very heavy.  Some even grabbed the ropes and pushed the handcart with sticks all avoiding the actual touching of the cart.

This part of the trek was referred to as the Women's Pull, but one boy, later in the testimony meeting, referred to it as the Men's Wait.  It was hard on the guys too. After marching up that hill and having pushed and pulled the handcarts miles by that point; they were astonished to think that the girls were going to push those handcarts up that very hill alone.  It ended up being like a giant pondering path as everyone quietly struggled, working together, and praying to get up that hill.  It was all I could do to get my own body up the hill, but even I ended up pushing the handcart a bit.  The hill was so steep.

Lots of drinks and taking a break after the pull.

The guys didn't want the girls in our family to help after their marathon effort in the Women's Pull,
 but the girls wouldn't stand for it.  They were happy to be altogether again doing their share.

Uphill . . .

 and . . . Downhill

In the strength of the Lord,
I can do all things.
(based on Alma 20:4)
Elaine S. Dalton,
"Return to Virtue"
Ensign,  November 2008

We went about 5 miles that morning. 
After setting up camp,
we rotated through a series of eight activities.

1st - The Blacksmith
Instruction:  Brother Alvey

Haun's Mill - boys working together
Instruction:  President and Sister Silva

President Silva and our boys - always encouraging.

The Moulton Family - Following the Spirit
Instruction:  Brother and Sister Reed
The kids were blindfolded.  They had to LISTEN to be guided

Always time to think about each of our activities.
What should I learn from this?
How can I apply this in my daily life?

Pa Blair taking his turn with Black-powder
Instruction:  Brother Morgan, Brother Thacker, and Brother Sauer

Crossing the Plains
Instruction:  Brother and Sister Price

Picking out rocks, spacing rocks, walking, and balancing;
again, working together.

Instruction:  Sister Bascom and Sister Heggam

Instruction:  Sister Sauer
The kids made butter . . .

and then put it on their fried scones with honey.

Instruction:  Brother Chronis

Working together, figuring it out.

Haley (from the McFarland family)
to the rescue!

Later that night after dinner they had a Hoedown.  (I didn't get any pictures.)  Everyone learned the Virginia Reel and did some western line dancing.  It wasn't long, but they kicked up some dust and then headed to bed.  We were all feeling relieved knowing we didn't have to walk anywhere in the morning.


  1. Tell me more about the Moulton family activity! John descended from the Moultons, and we told their story for family home evening this week.

  2. I took a picture of the Moulton family instead of the Blair family. It wasn't the Moulton family activity per se. We've got the Moulton's in our stake, maybe they're related.