Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trek - PLAY'N

"All work and no play
makes Jack a dull boy."
Late in the afternoon of the 3rd day, the stake set up some optional activities. There was the opportunity to go back to the Black-powder area to shoot, and they had other competitive activities like horseshoes, two-man saw, tomahawk throw, etc. Some of our kids went and checked out a few things, but most chose to stay close to our camp.

The Blair's getting ready for a friendly tug-of-war competition
with our neighboring family, The McFarland's.

Blair's WON!
We had another competition - boys against the girls.
I might be slow on the trail,
but I knew my weight could come in handy here.
When the girls were starting to lose ground I jumped in.
I landed flat on my back, but we won! (No photo on that one.)

Swings are good.


Dallin taking a break.
Everyone took a turn on the hammock.
Alec even tried to sleep in it one night, but it got too cold.

A spontaneous game of Missionary Tag
Something we played with the McFarland family  many times.

Throwing knives - YIKES!

We also had a rope game we played in camp a lot,
but again - no photo!

Just talking and resting was a great pass time.
We enjoyed each others company.

A few relatives made a point to stop by too.
Rachel with her dad.

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