Tuesday, February 24, 2009

YES, She Was Born Yesterday

Ryan Mae Blair
February 23, 2009
7 lbs. 13.5 oz.
I have a family story to share in honor of our new grand baby girl, Ryan Mae Blair. Her proud parents are Billy and Chelsea. We're so pleased for them and are glad that everything went well . Happily mother, daughter, and daddy are doing fine. My maternal grandmother, Cassie Stapp McMullin, would always say when a child was born, and it would never fail, "I don't know what I would've named it, but I wouldn't have named it that!" It was standard procedure for her to make that comment and she'd include her opinion on names, etc. I wonder though if that was her line or if it came from earlier generations. It has been passed on to us. We love telling the story and take the liberty of using the line ourselves. There is always a debate over baby names. We've got a few stories of our own to tell on that subject, but we also know parents have the right to name their children. In remembrance of Grandma Cassie with her Texan drawl, we carry on:
"I don't know what I would've name her,
but I wouldn't have named her that!"


  1. SO CUTE! That is Ella's middle name too, spelled the same...fun!

  2. It's definitely in the family:
    Hughie's maternal grandma was Leona Mae. Hughie's sister is Brenda Mae. Our daughter is Rebecca Mae. And last, but not least, coming from Ella's and Ryan's direct heritage, their common Great Great Grandma Blair was Eunice Mae. Very FUN!

  3. Congratulaitons!!!! She is beautiful!!!!

  4. She is really cute! Congratulations!


  5. Oh, I love her name! We've even thought about Ryan for a girl. Ryan Mae is darling, and she's beautiful too. How exciting for you guys! I love your new picture/header it goes perfectly.

  6. Martha and Hugh:

    Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild. We pray for you and your happiness.

  7. Hey I'm a little behind, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!