Friday, February 13, 2009

The Karate Kid

Sam has been taking jujitsu for the last six weeks. We went with this instead of baseball this year. He's really enjoying his classes and I'm happy he's working up a sweat and it's inside. I couldn't take sitting out in the cold anymore to watch a game not to mention Sam standing out in the cold waiting for a ball to come his way. He just got his uniform this week so he's really looking the part.


ju·jit·su [ joo jítsoo ] or jiu·jit·su [ joo jítsoo ]


unarmed fighting technique: a Japanese system of unarmed fighting devised by the samurai, or the martial art based on it. Judo, aikido, and karate are all developments of jujitsu.
[Late 19th century. Japanese jūjutsu - jū "gentle" ( Middle Chinese nyuw) + jitsu "arts" ( Middle Chinese zhwit)]


  1. You guys freeze in the baseball stands and we sweat to death out here. Oh well. Carson hasn't tried baseball yet and we're toying with the idea of doing it, but I've got to gear myself up for it. Personally, I prefer basketball. . .its inside.

  2. I remember I wanted to take Karate lessons when I was little. You guys said I could if I stopped eating my boogers. Consequently, I never took a single lesson. I could of been the All-Valley champ too.