Sunday, February 22, 2009

MEMORIES of 2008

You've seen videos and slide shows posted on my blog before, but just because I did it before doesn't mean I can do it again. My techno abilities are definitely lacking. I could always use a little help. My computer knowledge increases mainly by the self-taught method of trial and error, some reading, and once in a while I'll get a step-by-step tutorial from one of my children or a friend. My latest dilemma was trying to get my 2008 slide show posted. Where's Tommy when I need him! Oh yah Texas. It's another year and a half before he gets home and I didn't want to wait that long to get this up. So happily the ALL NIGHT BLOGGER figured it out. You push enough buttons and it finally happens, but the debate continues. Will I be able to do it again?
This presentation is in celebration of our 2008 happenings. It was a great year of being all together. Many of the photos come from our family reunion last June and our Christmas gathering, but we had lots of other get togethers that made it an outstanding year.

I didn't post names and places. I should have been more descriptive, but at least I got it on the blog now instead of later. I put this together in January and it's almost March - I rest my case - the ALL NIGHT BLOGGER is definitely on a learning curve. Like my subbing, I tell myself, "I'll do better next time" and I might add, when it comes to blogging, "in less time."

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