Monday, February 2, 2009

January Highlights

Our new year has been filled with activity, including the winding down of our Christmas holiday and more. Here are just a few busy highlights.
January 17, 2009

Me, Aunt Betty (my Dad's sister) and her daughter, Marilyn.
They drove in from Corona for the day to visit and to especially see my mom and dad.

January 21, 2009

School Field Trip
Opening Night
"Phantom of the Opera"
Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Janna with friends. Happy to be a part of the exciting event.

January 22, 2009
Hugh and I enjoyed attending A Modest Wedding Dress Fashion Show presented by the Sierra Ward Young Women. It was a great evening. The girls all looked beautiful.

Sierra Ward Young Women
Preparing for the Temple
Janna, back row, third in from the right

Janna, modeling Leslie Dunn Knapp's wedding dress.

January 24, 2009
Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall
Clovis, CA
We (Janna, Sam, and I) made a weekend trip to visit the cousins. Our main motivation was "Les Miserable". Janna and I had the privilege of attending Buchanan's High School's presentation at the new concert hall. It was so outstanding. I couldn't believe it was high school students. What an incredible event!

"Cosette", illustrated by Emile Bayard from the original edition of Les Miserable (1862) by Victor Hugo

Our Janet played FANTINE
Read the review.

"Dance like nobody's watching;
love like you've never been hurt.
Sing like nobody's listening;
live like it's heaven on earth."

Mark Twain


  1. Oh, how fun, I've really missed out, especially Janet's performance. Sounds like it was marvelous! I'm glad you got to go. If there's a DVD, I want to see it.

  2. So do you think that Janet will remember us, her lowly aunts, when she is famous!!!?????

  3. Janna looks so beautiful!!! Where did they get all the dresses? smile danette

  4. Jana looks so beautiful in that wedding dress - and the picture of all the girls is really cool. What a great idea for the young women. Thanks for posting about Janet. That was nice of you since I don't have a blog.

  5. Women in the ward donated their wedding dresses for the event. Their wedding pictures were displayed also and wedding cake was served as refreshment.