Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy Fusion of Color, Batman!

Yes, even superheroes stop in their tracks in amazement to do a double take of the color that reigns in front of our home. Well, at least I was amazed. My garden was blooming when I left for Arizona, but I was so surprised at what I viewed when our car pulled up in front of our house after a week long hiatus. The flowers were bursting with color, especially the roses. What can I say, "It's spring!" Many of the blooms were far spent. I obviously needed to do some clipping and pulling off old blooms. It's so difficult to cut back all that color, but really that's what needs to done to keep the flowers coming.

I've always loved this Primary song. It isn't in the current Children's Songbook. I remember singing it when I was young. Knowing both verses is important in understanding the message. It's a song I remember well and I still sing it to myself usually in medley with, My Heavenly Father Loves Me.

I Have a Garden
by Maryhale Woolsey
"Sing With Me" G-18

I have a garden, a lovely garden,
With flowers blossoming ever fair;
Where sun shines brightly and rain falls lightly,
And breezes gather sweet fragrance there.
Songbirds come singing out of the sky;
Butterflies winging, hovering by;
And in my garden, my lovely garden,
There's always beauty to greet the eye.

I have a garden, a secret garden,
Where thot's like flowers grow day by day;
'Tis I must chose them, and tend and use them,
And cast all wrong one like weeds away.
Goodness and love are seeds that I sow;
God up above will help me I know,
To keep my garden, my heart's own garden
A place where beauty will always grow.

If ever there was an affirmation, I hope that my blooming garden will be a reminder of what my thoughts and heart should be.

Also, Sammy received his YELLOW belt today. Congratulations!
And, It's Billy's B-day. Happy 29th Bub!


  1. Your flowers look so beautiful. Our yard is all dug up from connecting the sewer line to the addition. I hope to have a beautiful yard someday.

  2. I remember your post of you working in the garden, wow what joy to see the flowers from your labors!

  3. That's really beautiful! I bet it smells good too. :)

  4. Very pretty. I should borrow you for next spring.

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL! That is one thing we are lacking right now that we really want...a GARDEN. In due time.

    Our backyard is still dirt. So we need grass first. Then Ned and I want a flower garden and a little vegtable garden. tomoatoes, strawberries, etc. LOVE fresh produce.

  6. Your garden gets more beautiful every year!