Saturday, May 9, 2009

Traditional Girl

Janna has a friend, a foreign exchange student from Belgium. He grades the papers in her French class. The other day he wrote on her paper, Traditional Girl and illustrated a smiley face. She wasn't sure what to make of Traditional Girl, so she asked him about it. His response was, "You know, Traditional Girl." He's learning english and sometimes in his attempt to communicate things gets lost in translation. Anyway, Janna came home and told me about it and wondered what I thought. I told her, "I think he's saying a traditional girl is a girl with standards." In spite of my immediate reaction, Janna still isn't sure what to think of her friend's statement.

I tell this story in conjuction with Janna's prom events. She attended the Lancaster High School prom with some friends when I was visiting in Arizona and then last night she went to what we refer to as the "Mormon Prom". She wore the same dress to both events and looked lovely as the Traditional Girl.

Emily and Janna ready for the prom.


  1. I just have to say, HONESTLY, ever post I see with Janna in it...she is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. She seems to have so much style...I love her hair, etc...AND more importantly she seems to have it all together and "Get it" how nice is that...what a girl!

  2. Janna is a great girl and it's so refreshing when you see youth today that set high standards. We all think she's great!