Friday, May 22, 2009

Student of the Month

I have a friend, Teri Woolley, who shared this story with me. She was having one of those, not so good mother day's. You know, the kind where you are discouraged and beat yourself up over not being able to get it all done or do it right - been there, done that. She went on to say that she was crying when her little boy found her in the midst of discouragement. With great concern he asked his mother what was wrong. She replied through her blubbering tears, "I'm never going to be Mother of the Year!" As he patted her on the shoulder, he said sympathetically, "It's okay Mom, I'm never going to be Student of the Month."

I don't think I'm going be to be Mother of the Year either, but happy day, Sammy is Student of the Month! Hooray! I received a call from his teacher a few days ago making me aware of Sam's honor assembly today.

Hugh and I both filed into the assembly together and surprised Sam. We took pictures and complimented him on his achievement. I was so happy for Sammy and he was pleased about it too. What a nice way to top off his school year.

Ms. Munoz (Sam's teacher) and Sam at the awards ceremony

"There is a brilliant child
locked inside every student."


  1. So I am NOT Student of the Month...and you know how horrible I am at grammar, vocab, and spelling. Thanks for the correction and I am still laughing...I am just glad my mom and brother didnt see becaue they would never let me live it down...along with a million other things they always tease me about....