Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Puerto Rico or BUST!

Cassie and the boys left last night to join Ruben in Puerto Rico. They had a rough start finding out at the airport that they couldn't bring their two dogs with them. Hugh brought the dogs back to Lancaster for them.  Things got a whole lot easier once the dogs weren't in tow.

The boys are excited to learn Spanish and go to the beach. They thought it was pretty cool knowing that in Puerto Rico they would have both parents surnames.  Guess that's the way they do it there and I'm sure they'll learn a lot more about the culture of their Grandma Raquel Dedman. 

The Dedman Blair Brothers
Joseph, Jeremiah, Dexter, and Ammon
Off to learn about their Puerto Rican heritage

Later . . .

Cassie called this morning to let me know the trip went well.  She mention three specific things in our quick conversation:

1.  The island was so beautiful as they flew into Puerto Rico.

2. Her boys look like all the other children there. She said in amazement, "My boys look like they could have been born here."

3.  Ruben told her, "Prepare yourself for culture shock when we drive downtown."

We're glad they made it and we're all hoping things go well for them on their new adventure living in Puerto Rico.

"Esos Son Otros Veinte Pesos"

This literally means, "that's another twenty dollars." The American alternative would be "that's a whole new ballgame." Puerto Rico will be a whole new ballgame for the Dedman family. Batter-up!

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  1. How exciting! Let me guess--your next vacation will be to Puerto Rico? :-)