Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beware - I Blog

"Activities can help unify wards and branches
and bring people to Christ."

Last night our ward had what they called a "Hillbilly Hoedown".  I needed blogging material.  I'm running out of ideas, so I brought my camera along.

You can always rely
on one of your visiting teachers
to give you a big "Cheese".

There were also some other nice sisters,
who were very hesitant,
but still patronized me and my camera.

Our ward missionaries - Elder Norton and Elder McMullin
Yes, I fancy I am related to Elder McMullin
because my mother is a McMullin.

Lots of entertainment, including
"Bony Hawk" the skateboarding dog.

Dancing girls, plus singing Cub Scouts,
and a skit from the Boy Scouts.

My Sammy Boy

Sister Johns - always a good show.
"Y'all come back now, ya here!"
It was a enjoyable event.  I should have took more pictures.  Food, entertainment, games, water fights and socializing were all part of the agenda.  The weather even cooperated.  It was a breezy cool evening.  NICE!

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