Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done”

Last Sunday's lesson - Christ in Gethsamane

“Christ’s agony in the garden is unfathomable by the finite mind, both as to intensity and cause. … He struggled and groaned under a burden such as no other being who has lived on earth might even conceive as possible. It was not physical pain, nor mental anguish alone, that caused him to suffer such torture as to produce an extrusion of blood from every pore; but a spiritual agony of soul such as only God was capable of experiencing. … In that hour of anguish Christ met and overcame all the horrors that Satan, ‘the prince of this world,’ could inflict. … In some manner, actual and terribly real though to man incomprehensible, the Savior took upon Himself the burden of the sins of mankind from Adam to the end of the world.”
Elder James E. Talmage
Jesus the Christ, 3rd ed. [1916], 613

What Christ suffered in Gethsamane is amazing.  I literally stand all amazed.  Next week we'll be covering the crucifixion.

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