Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Just the facts ma'ma,
just the facts."
Sgt. Joe Friday, Dragnet

You probably already know this from other posts on my blog, but I'm fulfilling my daily blogging duty and have listed 10 facts about myself - things I love.

1.  I love red.  I remember declaring it was my favorite color when I was five years old.  It has been my favorite even though I have fancied other colors here and there.  The color red looks good on me too which is a plus or maybe I just think I look good in it because I love the color so much.

2.  I love art.  I've always had an attraction to it, but have not developed it.  I've had a few classes in recent years and have learned so much.  I wish it was something I pursued earlier, but I'm not so sure that wish could have been fulfilled.  I'm so busy with so much.  I'm happy to participate in it now.  I'm not going to take a class this semester like I hoped, but maybe next semester.  I'll just have to keep drawing and painting on my own which isn't as often as I like.

3.  I love music.  My latest effort is playing the organ.  Berkeley Price gave me a jump start about a year and a half ago, but I'm ready to expand my understanding.  (That's partly why the "art" is taking a backseat.)  Anyway, they offer some organ classes through BYU Independent Study and they're free - YEAH!  I'll get to go at my own pace and my pace will be very slow no doubt.  I'm looking forward to gaining a greater understanding of the instrument.

4.  I love cooking.  There is something especially delightful in serving a good meal.  It's not always just the food, but what happens when the food is served.  It's not just filling your stomach.  It fills your soul.  It's a time for improving relationships not just eating.  I'm always on the hunt for a good recipe.  It's a constant quest to be better at it and, of course, I really like it if it's simple.  It better be really good if it's difficult.

5. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ - the good news.  It encompasses my life.  It effects everything I do as well it should.  My life is better for it and I want to share it with others because it is through Jesus Christ that my source of happiness springs.  Why wouldn't I want to share what brings me the greatest joy.  Ask me the golden question?

6.  I love crochet.  My grandmother taught me.  She just showed me because of my interest.  It's only in more recent years that I've learned to follow a pattern.  I don't really do anything too elaborate.  It's more a time filler.  If I have to think to hard, I wouldn't do it.  The reason is, I'm just picking it up while I wait in a doctors office or sitting in the car to pick up a Sam.  It's up and down while I have some time.  I can carry on a conversation with the little bit I do.  I delight in the activity and I delight in the little gifts I can share.  It's in competition with my drawing.  They both weave in and out of my life depending on what's going on.

7.  I love gardening.  I'd rather be outside than in.  Meaning, I'd rather putter around in my yard than clean house.  I get a big thrill having my gardens in order.  They are always a work in progress.  The front for flowers.  The back for food.  And then there's my potted plants too.  They have all been a little neglected this year because of my busyness, but I try to take a little time each day to improve on what's out there.  I would take great joy in a big yard and property, but it takes time, money, and help.  All three I have little of and so my tiny yard is a reflection of my age and circumstance.  I imagine someday it will come to a halt.  I remember when my dad quite working in the yard.  What an incredible thing to not see him working anymore.

8.  I love to read.  I've never been a good reader or a big reader so it might seem very odd to say that I love to read, but I know I'm better for it and so I like to do it.  When I enjoy a particular book it seems to possess me.  I delight in reading particular lines over and over again.  They make me giggle, laugh, cry, and inspired.  I also like reading aloud to children, making a drama of it all.  It's very fun to captivate young ones with a book, not to mention big ones too.

9.  I love physical activity - exercise.  To run faster, climb higher, be stronger was just part of my programing as a kid.  I had an athletic family who liked to play, ride bikes, climb trees, ect.  Like eating brings more than food to your stomach, it nurtures relationship as you gather for a meal.  Physical activities including competition in games means spending time with others.  Sharing common bonds as you achieve physical goals together include talking and enjoying each others company.  You wouldn't look at me now to think I was the least bit wired that way.  I've grown tired and my abilities fail me with age, but I still enjoy activity even though my activity has definitely slowed.  I'm more in the stroll department now.

10.  I love the beach.  It might seem odd that I'm all about the beach.  It's not like my skin is tolerable to it.  It's not like I'm all about the Pacific cold water.  I even have a phobia of what's swimming around in the water with me.  But I do love the waves.  The rhythm of the waves, listening to the sounds as you walk along the beach - I could live with that 24/7.  Maybe I just need an ipod and plug in, but the atmosphere soothes me, not to mention it's very easy on my sinuses.

I love roses too.  More facts tomorrow.

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