Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've had some extra help come my way.  I'm so grateful and feeling a sense of relief.  I just can't get it all done and having this help made things easier for me.

My daughter, Cassie, got back together with her husband and they moved to a little house around the corner from my dad.  That meant we had to take care of Poppy (senior sit) with our caregiver coming in the morning and the evening for a few hours.  Sometimes we're all going every which way and it ultimately comes back on me.  Everyone in my family is very helpful, but I also want them to go to Institute, Mutual, activities, work, ect.  I'm not complaining, just explaining the situation.

Kate, one of my lifesavers!
Last week, my niece Kate (Mark and JoLinda's daughter), came to help.  That meant I could get some needed things done at my own house.  JoLinda and Mark joined her for for a few days this week helping in a variety of ways.  Besides watching Poppy we're trying to get the house fixed up so our caregiver can move in with her family.  We've got lots to do.  We've done a little bit here and there, but we had a big garage sale last Saturday which is the kick off to hopefully getting this job done soon.

My friend, Lisa, helped put the garage sale together.  I was ready to dump everything, but she had the vision to pull it off because I was just too overwhelmed with everything else.  She sorted, she cleaned, she organized - again, RELIEF!  We didn't make a lot of money, but the stuff is cleared out and we're ready to tackle more.

"Whether our service
is to our fellowmen
or to God,
it is the same."

Elder Dallin H. Oaks,

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  1. Grandma used to use that phrase, "not complaining, just explaining," all the time. Glad you had some back up for a few days at least. Thanks for all you do!