Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pioneer Children

Pioneer Children
Were Quick to Obey
Words: Viginia Maughan Kammeyer
Music: Lynn Shurtleff - CS 215

Pioneer children were quick to obey,
Walking along by the wagons all day,
Then in the firelight, kneeling to pray,
Little pioneer children.

Carrying water and gathering wood,
Building a campfire and cooking the food,
Learning and helping the best that they could,
Little pioneer children.

Children today can be pioneers too,
Willing and cheerful in all that we do,
Walking our pathway with heaven in view,
Little pioneer children.

Are these the cutest little pioneers you ever did see?
 Celebrating their pioneer heritage.
*My niece's two oldest children - Ryan and Natalie Jo

*I guess this is how I'm going to get through my final 30 consecutive days of blogging - use stuff from other peoples blogs. Oh well, whatever it takes.

Pioneer Day was July 24th.  I don't really have pioneer heritage like lots of Mormons do, crossing the plains, the persecution, etc.  I'm grateful that I can share in their heritage because it is they who built the firm foundation of the gospel in these latter-days.  Because of their efforts I am here today, enjoying the benefits of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I guess I have my own pioneers, my dad being one of them. In fact, if I think about it, there are a lot of first members in my history and on Hughie's side of the family too. Its gotta start somewhere. They too laid a foundation for us to have the gospel in our lives. We are so blessed because of their commitment. As we build on what we have, we all become pioneers for the next generations.

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