Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pensacola Trip

Our oldest son called a few weeks ago informing us that he was going to be ordained a high priest.  Hugh and I both wanted to go, but the last minute flight price was holding me back.  My dad's caregiver was going to be out-of-town during the same time frame I would be gone, so I opted out in spite of my desire to be there.

Hughie went alone getting to see Wendy and the grandkids we haven't seen in nearly a year.  (We saw Rick earlier this year because of a convention he attended in California.)  Hughie also went so he could be the one to ordain Rick a high priest. Rick was also made the new bishop of the Perdido Ward.  He's one busy guy.

Anyway, Grampy (Hughie) loved Pensacola and loved getting to see everyone.  Unfortunately, everyone was so excited to see each other they forgot to take any pictures to keep a record of the visit or give the rest of us a thrill on the west coast.  Anyway, I snatched this photo off Facebook. Even though Wendy and Grampy aren't in the picture it will have to do.  It was taken the week before Hughie's visit.  And yes, a visit to Pensacola Beach with it's white sand was part of the festivities while he was there.
Will, Rick, Eddie, and Evelyn - Pensacola Beach

"Yes, the bishop is a busy man. He has his family and his profession to look after, as well as the ward. He has to help people solve a great many problems. But remember that he loves you and wants to help you succeed in your eternal goals."

Robert D. Hales
"The Bishop"
Ensign, June 1986

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